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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Who Do You Trust to Assist You?

We have titles put upon us, such as doctor, technician, agent, representative, etc. Shouldn't we earn that title? I have heard so much about the cheating that goes on in colleges. We have to be careful not to lump everyone into the same category, because most people are eager to do their best, prove themselves, study hard and really absorb what it being taught and earn their respective titles.

But, when I hear about students cheating in class or paying someone to take their tests for them so that they can earn a degree and even get a title; it concerns me. Would you trust a doctor or someone that has to take care of you personally or financially that really doesn't know what they are doing? They just have a title that says that they do know what they are doing. That is scary.

Not only scary, but a sad situation that people have come to accept more often then we would like to believe. I think this is also true of anyone that would be in the position to help you or work with you. How can a distributor help you if they are unwilling to learn and study before they impart their wisdom to you? Do you feel comfortable following a distributor that only pretends to know something and just spouts out their beliefs and information without checking to make sure that that information is correct? Or to get you all motivated with nothing to support you?

While this may not be a dangerous situation as it would be with entrusting yourself to a doctor or lawyer, it would be disappointing, discouraging, and a lack of trust in that person. We expect the help that we are seeking from someone that we can follow and trust.

Would you be less apt to follow someone if you caught them lying to you or making off the cuff statements just so they sound like they know something or to make themselves look good?

How do we determine if someone is a person of trust and knowledge? That is the thought for the day.
Talk to you later.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Research On Mangosteen

Here is another great study on the mangosteen.

Mangosteen continues to amaze scientists

Here is a profound study on the anti-cancer properties of the mangosteen.
Remember to use this only for education. It is inappropriate to use it to sell
any product or to entice any person into joining a business venture. As the
great Bob Schmidt used to say, "More education is never a disadvantage."
I stand by this statement, but wanted to let everyone read about what these
scientists are discovering.

No time to read the whole report? Read the conclusion.



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Miss America Beauty Pageant

If you watched the Miss America Beauty Pageant Saturday January 14th you would have known that all of the contestants wore the Amway Artistry cosmetics. Amway was one of the sponsors. Check out the Amway website and see what it is all about.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Botanical Products Accepted As Nutritional Interventions

J. Frederic Templeman, M.D. is a primary care physician board certified in both Canada and the US with over twenty years of clinical experience. Dr. Templeman, who entered medical school at age 36, had previously had a successful career in the Canadian diplomatic corps during which he was posted to third world countries in the western hemisphere and was involved in Canadian foreign aid projects. Since becoming a physician, Dr. Templeman has led groups of students and medical volunteers back to the areas where he was previously posted and to other locations where volunteer medical services are needed. 

Dr. Templeman enjoys writing and has written widely about the value of the mangosteen as a food supplement. Dr. Templeman is a board member of several research companies active in the field of Natural Products. He believes that excellence in research and in the production of products is essential, if botanical products are to be accepted as nutritional interventions in standard medicine.

As a pioneering advocate of nutritional intervention in standard medical care, Dr. Templeman is sought worldwide as a lecturer and, last year, spoke to thousands of people on three continents.

For your free sample http://mangosteencustomers.com/free.sample

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favao Weight Management January First

Until now, weight loss options have been limited to a program, a diet, a system, or a fad all with those flaws. Today 70% of Americans struggle with their weight and health and know that a new approach is needed. That wait is finally over! Favao will be available for the first time to the public January 2012.

Favao is not struggling with calorie deprivation and feeling hungry, taking a risk with dangerous stimulants or ingredients, a diet program, a constant battle of willpower, a time intensive program, an expensive meal purchasing plan, a quick fix gimmick or fad.

But, Favao IS a clinically proven 12-week body & lifestyle reset, fat-shedding, body shaping program, and takes the guesswork out of achieving & maintaining results. It assists you in your efforts by decreasing food cravings and appetite while increasing your energy. It also supports healthy blood sugar levels. It is a simple to follow plan tailored for men and women. It includes education, accountability and online support. It resets the way you think and act with food creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle. And last but not least - Satisfaction Guaranteed For Real Results Get yours ordered now. http://www.mymangosteen.com/NanK/product/favao.asp

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Discover what Millions already know about this health supplement

Discover the secret* to what millions have learned to keep their family in top notch health with a health supplement that has been documented for 5 centuries.

Have you guessed?

It is the Mangosteen fruit. And XanGo is the first and only company to market it in juice form in order to reach everyone that needs it around the world. Which part of the world do you live in? Check it out at our site to see if your country is listed. http://mymangosteen.com/NanK/product/juice_xango.asp

I have asked people that have tried other juice derivatives of the Mangosteen and the taste is so horrible they won't buy more. XanGo's is absolutely delicious and it is not a derivative. The attributes are in the rind.

Too many health issues to list here, but the bottom line is inflammation and immune system. Find out more at http://whyMangosteen.us

To place your order go to http://mymangosteen.com/NanK/product/juice_xango.asp

It will show you where to 'JOIN', but you will be given a choice as to whether you want to be a 'distributor' or a 'preferred customer' and buy at wholesale. Be sure to check or uncheck the boxes next to the products that you desire or enter the quantity. The total without shipping charges will be shown.

ORDER TODAY AND I WILL SEND YOU A FREE SAMPLE OF ELEVIV - ENOUGH TO LAST ONE WEEK. TRY IT TODAY. THE JUICE WILL BE GUARANTEED. What is Eleviv? It addresses your metabolic balance optimal vigor, physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well being. It reduces stress, depression, and increases energy. Read all about it on the same website.

Order at least one case of juice today and you will receive on week's worth of Eleviv.

To place your order go to http://mymangosteen.com/NanK/product/juice_xango.asp

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Are You Waiting For?

Tomorrow never comes - as the saying goes. Once it is here, it is TODAY.

If you had done something about your health or financial status last week or last month, how much further would you be ahead by today? How much money has slipped through your hands while you have been sitting there thinking about it? If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will
keep on getting what you have always gotten.

Okay, I am going to level with you. I feel like I am getting a lot of people that are using my blog for all the great information. I am pleased that you enjoy it. If you are looking for a business home or a place that you can trust the products for your own health and those that you share it with, then it is time to act.

I really don't put out all this work just to keep all the present distributors well informed. I love sharing, but my main purpose is to supplement my social security. I take care of a husband that can't use his arms very
well, he has a total knee replacement, he has COPD, and a replaced heart valve. I need to be at home and my goal is to build this business right here at home.

I may look like your Granny in the picture, but don't let that fool you. I was involved in a network business for years and have plenty of 'know-how'. I just have my physical limits, such as my hearing impairment.

If you are wanting someone that is honest with their distributors and customers and wanting straight answers and assistance, then I am your 'man'  (actually I am a woman) . If you want to have help getting started and want someone to be available then you need to work with me. I can't claim to be at the million dollar mark yet, but I have contact with those uplines and they don't have the time to help you like I do.

I have even just joined a network of XanGo distributors where we will all have touch with other distributors. A place to ask questions, and to communicate with others to be motivated. You would love it.

You may think you have time to mull this over. But, do you really? What is holding you back? I certainly can't wait around. I need to move ahead. Whether you are a leader or a leader that is waiting to be found or only a person that wants better health, we have a place for you. Our products are guaranteed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Please remember that Google isn't the research book. You can find something negative there even for the best of companies, such as Coke(tm). Those people are losers and only want to get back at somebody with their gripes. If they have switched companies, they probably have several times and will never settle down. Some people switch when they see a great company, not when they are mad at somebody at the old company.

Mangosteen was our first category creator product, but we are adding products quickly now and growing so fast. We really don't have any competition with our Mangosteen. Ours is the ONLY one with the whole fruit and meant to be used as an antioxidant. Others have only derivatives and added vitamins and such. Please don't try to compare, you can't.

Are you ready? If not - why not? If not today? When? I have gone to all of this work to help you to decide. Has it helped you in any way?

See you soon. If I don't speak your language, my website does.

Let's roll. That million dollar mark is still waiting.